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In the news:- Leading councillor pledges to secure new green spaces in Local Plan

Leading councillor pledges to secure new green spaces in Local Plan
07 January 2015

A LEADING councillor has pledged to ensure Basildon’s Local Plan is more ambitious through its environmental polices to secure a greener environment in the borough.

Cllr Dr Richard Moore, cabinet member for regeneration and planning, said: “Following the decision to delay the Local Plan and bring all of the strands of polices and site allocations together into one consolidated document, we are now able to look at how we can better strengthen the conservation of the borough’s existing natural areas.

“More fundamentally however, we can now consider how we can ensure new or extended green spaces and natural areas are provided in the borough; as part of the borough’s growth.

“Whilst it often becomes the focus of discussion, the Local Plan is not just about providing land for new homes and businesses, but also where can we best create outdoor facilities such as new country parks, woodlands or local parks that can be enjoyed and used for recreation, wildlife or environmental management; helping the borough reduce its CO2 emissions and make it a healthier, more attractive place to live.

“The current initiative of the Dunton Garden Suburb proposal with Brentwood Borough Council could create a link to Thorndon Country Park with our own Langdon Hills Country Park.”

Basildon Council’s cabinet agreed on December 4 to delay the Local Plan in order to bring all its elements together in one document.

A consultation exercise earlier this year resulted in more than 10,000 comments from residents, which will also be considered in the forthcoming plan.