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In the news:- High Court imposes prison sentence and fines after Wickford planning breach

High Court imposes prison sentence and fines after Wickford planning breach
05 May 2017

A man has been jailed and four others fined a total of £8,000 after defying a High Court injunction on land in Wickford.

Thomas Anderson was jailed for 35 days, Eileen Anderson, Winnie Anderson, and Arron Jones were each fined £2,500. Margaret Anderson was fined £500. Mark Picket was found not guilty of contempt.

Basildon Council, which brought the proceedings, was awarded costs of £17,500.

The sentencing, held today (Friday 5 May) at the High Court, was in relation to breaches of an injunction on land at Silva Lodge Kennels, in Hovefields Avenue/Drive.

Committal proceedings, held over two days concluding on April 12, were brought by Basildon Council after the terms of an injunction were breached following an order obtained on 14 October 2016.

The order banned more caravans and mobile homes being brought onto the land other than those permitted in the injunction.

Cllr Phil Turner, leader of Basildon Council, said: “This outcome has emphasised that High Court injunctions are serious matters and those considering ignoring such orders should not underestimate the legal consequences of doing so.

“The custodial sentence and significant fines imposed by Mr Justice Kerr reflect how serious it is to disobey a High Court injunction.

“Basildon Council remains committed to enforcing planning law in the interests of its residents and will continue to defend its position vigorously within the existing legal framework.”