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In the news:- Planning breaches in Hovefields Avenue/Drive area

Planning breaches in Hovefields Avenue/Drive area
10 April 2017

Basildon Council is aware of further reports of breaches of planning regulations that took place in the Hovefields Avenue/Drive area over last weekend.

The latest breaches come in spite of a strong warning in open court on Friday from His Honour Judge Graham Wood that further developments should cease.

Two plots of land in the area – land west of Hovefields Avenue and Silva Lodge Kennels – remain subject to ongoing High Court injunctions banning any further development.

Basildon Council is pursuing enforcement action in respect of both injunctions – a hearing for Silva Lodge Kennels will commence tomorrow at 10am (Tuesday, 11 April) following an adjournment granted last week, continuing into Wednesday if necessary.

An attempt was made by the defendants to also adjourn tomorrow’s hearing but this was contested by the local authority and the judge agreed with the council and refused to change the listing.

The proceedings relate to the council’s committal application and also the defendants’ application to vary the injunction order.

As regards land west of Hovefields Avenue, an initial hearing took place last week (Friday, 7 April).

The court has given directions for both parties to file statements ahead of scheduling a full hearing next month.

The council will inform the court of the further unauthorised activities that have taken place at the site since the date the injunction came into effect.